Metaverse Tutorials

Metaverse tutorials is a website I set up to collate as many Second Life relevant tutorials as possible in one place. Since Second Life is such a huge subject with so many people writing about it and offering assistance to those new to certain subjects, this seemed to make a lot of sense.

The basic idea behind Metaverse Tutorials is that any learning curve residents find themselves on should be as smooth and as straightforward  as possible, and our website should provide an easy to use platform to help with the learning process.

All tutorials submitted to Metaverse Turorials are divided into broad categories which can be found on the menu bar, so this would be the first place to look for any subject you might be interested in. For a more refined search you can click on the Tags tab to the right of each page, but if you still can't find what you're looking for try the search window at the top of the side panel.

It might just be that after looking for a tutorial you still may not be able to find what you want. If this is the case you can contact me and I will either find a relevant tutorial or write it if I can.

Submitting A Tutorial

If you have a website or possibly a YouTube channel and would like your tutorials featured on Metaverse Tutorials there is a submission page, and we will add a description of your tutorial along with a link to it.

Anyone who may like to help to collate tutorials can also get in touch through the contact page, just follow the above link.